The Friendly Investment vehicle supporting the NEM Blockchain Ecosystem

About us

NEM Ventures is the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem. Specialising in high tech investments, NEM Ventures promotes the growth of the ecosystem through strategic investments in projects which align with the ethos of the NEM community.  NEM Ventures was mandated by the community in a public vote to manage a pool of reserved funds to meet these aims.

NEM Ventures focuses on projects which demonstrate a truly differentiated product, the ability to generate positive net income in the medium term, and founders who showcase the desire to move the blockchain ecosystem forward. Founded in 2018, NEM Ventures is a relatively new member of the NEM ecosystem and comprises a small, highly motivated team of investment and technology professionals. 

Our Team

Dave Hodgson​​

Director & Co-Founder
Dave is actively involved in day to day operations and strategic partnerships at NEM Ventures. With significant management and technology consulting experience, he leads on business development and ideation.

David Mansell

Director & Co-Founder
David is an experienced project and operational executive, responsible for the management of various commercial aspects across the ecosystem.

Kailin O'Donnell

Director & Co-Founder
Kailin is a DLT advocate who has been deeply involved in NEM since before launch, coding some early SDKs for NIS1 and Symbol, and has assisted multiple companies building on the NEM blockchain.

Iain Wilson

Iain has extensive experience in investment analysis, trading strategies and due diligence. Prior to NEM Ventures he has operated at MD level within traditional financial institutions.

Sharon Rubin

Associate Director
Sharon is a seasoned principal VC analyst and deal flow manager, with experience establishing a private equity vehicle, assessing investment proposals, and managing GP/LP reporting.

Nicholas Pelecanos

Head of Trading
Nick has been involved in blockchain since the early days, as both an early investor and entrepreneur, and previously founded a digital asset trading company. He leads the trading aspects of NEM Ventures.

Marc X Ellul

Director & General Legal Counsel
Marc is an experienced Gibraltar lawyer, notary public and actively involved in blockchain legal work in Gibraltar.  He is Managing Partner of Ellul & Co and a NEM Ventures director

David Shaw

David has more than 25 years’ experience in leading turnarounds and high growth businesses, mergers and acquisitions, buying and integrating large technology businesses, and raising and investing capital in early-stage companies.



IoDLT merges Internet of Things and blockchain technology to provide seamless, secure, and scalable B2B solutions.
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Mobi is an Australian based carpooling app that partners with business parks, universities and city councils to enable their colleagues to share a ride to and from work.
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Ample is an app and meter device-based product, targeted at communities to help reduce their environmental impact by using ‘nudge’ theory.
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Ready to Grow Together?

NEM Ventures is accepting new proposals from companies/projects that are building on the NEM platform or of benefit to the NEM/XEM ecosystem.

We are seeking well planned and commercially viable opportunities that both add value to the NEM eco-system and have a potential for a positive commercial return on investment.