Why Big Governments And Central Banks Want To Kill Libra And Bitcoin

Big governments and central banks want to kill Libra and Bitcoin, and eventually all cryptocurrencies.

There are official and unofficial reasons for that. The official reasons are well known. They range from national security concerns and investor protection to liquidity, and are well justified, according to Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, the world’s first ID/KYC-ready business blockchain network.

 “Libra is supposedly going to be backed by ‘safe’ assets such as money market instruments, fiat currencies, and short-term government bonds,” says Christensen.“If Libra is very successful this will lead to massive pools of such instruments and create liquidity problems, both for the instruments and for the Libra consortium should they need to liquidate fast, for example in the case of a run on the Libra currency. This happened to much smaller money market funds (that “broke the buck”) during the financial crisis, so it could easily happen here.”

Then there are technology failures. “The technology presented so far is simple, at a Bitcoin level, if not below, and hardly suitable at this time to support a complex monetary system, spreading across the globe,” adds Christensen. “Presumably this will improve with time, but who controls that?”