NEM, its entities, what they do and how they interact
The NEM Ecosystem

The NEM Group provides a common governance layer across all activities, ensuring the effective coordination and alignment of efforts and reporting. 

How we’ve grown

NEM History

NEM started as a call for participation in 2014. It attracted various parties; the current core developers among those. The first version (NIS1) was released in 2015. The new version (Symbol) is being developed actively at present and is currently available in Beta for Private Chain deployment. Public Chain launch is expected in Q4 2019.

Upon launch the XEM tokens were distributed:

Those tokens have a value due to a combination of trading on utility token exchanges and them being used as the transaction fee mechanism. The Public Chain and associated tools receive work from the Core Developers, Projects, the Community and the Centre of Excellence (CoE) developers. 

NEM Ventures

NEM Ventures, created in 2018 by a small, highly motivated team. We are mandated by the community to improve management of the Community Fund. Previously, a grant system run by volunteers, this has transitioned to a modern Blockchain Venture Capital firm. We are in the process of making our first investments along with multiple exciting partnerships and initiatives we hope to share soon. We are a holding structure registered in Gibraltar:

The focus is on commercially viable projects that utilize or benefit the NEM ecosystem, XEM and Symbol adoption.