NEM Ventures Incubate
NEM Ignite

So many ideas show great promise but aren’t ready to be invested in, often due to a lack of funding, experience or professional guidance. Many individuals or teams don’t have the hands-on experience commercialising a technical idea, but can get there with some advice and useful introductions.

An incubator-like approach with counsel from an experienced VC firm will help foster the growth of meaningful ideas into commercial blockchain projects.

That is our vision for NEM Ignite

The NEM ecosystem has taken many positive steps since its launch in 2015, and NEM Ignite has been developed to ensure companies that wish to build on the platform have the tools, support and relationships to best ensure their success. It represents an investment by the community in early stage companies who are building their future hand in hand with our ecosystem

Coming Soon!

NEM Ignite is due to open to applicants for the first cohort in Q1 2021, a further announcement will be made announcing the application process and exact dates. A beta cohort of pre-screened companies is being incubated at present to ensure the processes are all functioning correctly.

Interested applicants will need to create a pitch deck and video to clearly explain their vision, a business plan canvas and a prototype, if appropriate. Applicants should include what they expect to gain from the programme and how they feel NEM fits into their business solution. The programme anticipates 2-4 cohorts a year, depending on uptake, and will take no more than 2 projects per cohort. These plans may be subject to change in response to various external conditions.

Why NEM Ignite?
  • Direct access to the NEM blockchain development teams
  • Proven experience explaining blockchain to non-technical audiences
  • Friendly ecosystem of startups building on NEM
  • Ecosystem-wide marketing support, social media and PR support
  • Fully virtual incubator
  • Designated mentor to assist and provide guidance
  • Predefined deliverables and scope (under contract)
  • Moderate financial support at start of incubation period
  • Assistance in preparation for investment rounds
  • Introductions to partners and industry professionals
  • PR and marketing exposure

Applications will be open for 1 month, with an anticipated 2-4 cohorts a year, and no more than 2 projects per cohort.

The application requires the following:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan Canvas
  • Prototype of UIs (if appropriate)
  • Pitch video
  • Explanation of how NEM fits into your business solution
  • Detail of any funding received, awarded or won
  • Confirmation that the project has not commenced trading or been operational for more than 12 months