Our Portfolio
Currently, NEM is supporting the following projects.
Our Portfolio
Currently, NEM is supporting the following projects.

Ample was founded by environmental entrepreneur Andrew Hoban in 2018, after he became frustrated with the lack of consumer engagement with energy reduction measures. He saw that there was a significant gap between the latest behavioral research and the major energy efficiency incentives implemented to date.

Ample is an app and meter device-based product, targeted at communities to help reduce their environmental impact by using ‘nudge’ theory. An intelligent ‘meter’ connects directly to the wires on your electricity meter, and sends data to a personalised app, giving deep insights into energy consumption and identifying energy waste ‘hotspots’. It then uses behavioural theory to ‘nudge’ consumers into more efficient behaviour.

Founded in 2018, IoDLT (Internet of Distributed Ledger Technology) utilizes two disruptive technologies – Internet of Things and blockchain – to provide seamless, secure, and scalable B2B solutions. IoDLT brings security to small and large businesses alike, without compromising user data privacy and user-to-business interactions. Their technology’s application spans a wide range of industries, namely healthcare, agriculture, supply chain, and energy metering.

Alongside providing business solutions, IoDLT envisions a future run by embedded devices. Securing those devices will become imperative to the operations of any business. IoDLT deploys proprietary and affordable IoT to blockchain protocols to secure the devices of the world.


Wave Financial Group (Wave) is a Los Angeles and London based investment management company that provides institutional digital asset fund products. Led by a team of highly experienced financial services professionals, Wave provides investable funds via their diverse investment strategies applied to digital assets and tokenized real assets. Wave also offers managed accounts for HNWIs and family offices seeking tailored digital asset exposure, treasury management services, and early stage venture capital and strategic consultation to the digital asset ecosystem. In July 2020, Wave announced they will issue the first publicly committed Security Token on NEM Symbol public chain, the Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund. 

Cyclebit empowers retailers to take advantage of new payment offerings, devices, and user knowledge in order to provide a superior, more engaging consumer experience. We provide simple, affordable and robust tools for retailers to accept digital currencies, credit/debit and cash transactions for in-store, online and on-the-go purchases. A global company currently operating in Canada, USA, Spain, Russia, and Vietnam focused on creating the infrastructure for the evolution of payments.

SharpShark is a blockchain-powered timestamping service that helps protect copyrights and enables the transfer of intellectual property. Built on Symbol by NEM, SharpShark protects text and image copyrights by timestamping, saving in full, and tokenizing intellectual property. Designed for creators including journalists, academics and journalists, the solution publishes the digital signature of the text and images to the Symbol blockchain alongside the author details to prove authorship, and then stores data off-chain in immutable form. SharpShark aims to create a fair and equitable copyright and timestamping solution for the digital era. 

Techemy is a significant player in the Blockchain space, with subsidiaries including Brave New Coin a research, index benchmarking and data business; smart contract and blockchain developer, Blockchain Labs, a DLT focused development and technical consulting company; Techemy  Capital, a blockchain-focused investment company; Techemy Advisory, an investment consultancy firm and Sphere Identity, a global identity platform.

Propine is the first end-to-end securities services firm built for digital securities from the ground up, serving the needs of institutional clients.

Established in 2018 and admitted into the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s regulatory sandbox since 2019,Propine has been granted the first Capital Market Services license to provide independent digital asset custody services. The company is the only digital asset custodian in the world to be accorded the ISO 27001 certification. 

Through a veteran team consisting of bankers, cybersecurity specialists, compliance lawyers and blockchain engineers, Propine offers a full range of services adapted to the latest financial markets and regulatory trends across custody, asset servicing, trade settlement, investor and regulatory reporting and global security issuers.

Mobi is an Australian based carpooling app that partners with business parks, universities and city councils to enable their colleagues to share a ride to and from work. The app is a fully integrated platform and features a payment gateway, GPS mapping and chat system to make it as easy as possible to carpool. Mobi plans to integrate blockchain technology and provide the ability for riders to pay drivers in XEM.

Mobi’s long term plan is to create a safe and affordable alternative to common commute methods and reduce carbon emissions while utilising blockchain technology within each workplace through NEM.


StakeHound is the #1 liquid staking platform that allows users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi. Staked tokens such as stETH, stXEM, and stDASH are 1:1 representations of a staked PoS that distribute rewards daily from the staking of native tokens without the need for minimum amounts or lockups. 

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Consumers want to know more. Brands want to show more. But they don’t yet have the right tool to do just that. Trackgood is a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that is trusted,low cost, and easy to implement enabling brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease and share their impact with consumers with confidence. Authenticity and trust are backed by NEM’s blockchain technology.


LCNEM fosters the growth of smart cities via blockchain, AI and machine learning technology. They are currently building a ticket management and tracking product for the Japanese entertainment industry as well as a stablecoin backed by Japanese Yen.


KarmaPoint creates a reputation level for people and institutions, based on digital tokens received in reward for good deeds and values. KarmaPoint creates a virtuous circle of collaboration and recognition, under the transparency and security of Symbol Blockchain.